It is forbidden to introduce inside the Studio any personal belongings like:
computer, cellphones, cameras, USB-sticks, etc.

Studying and Laboratory hours :
8:30 - 13:00 and 14,30-19:30 from monday to friday
8:30 - 13:00 and 14,30-17:00 on saturday

The Studio is an integral part of the laboratory and it is an isolated place for pondering and studying.
This is the principal place of our centre, where:
1) One is studying in depth the knowledge believed to be already acquired
2) One is elaborating new hypotheses of research
3) One is preparing analyses for the laboratory
4) One is elaborating the data obtained from the laboratory.

Every PhD student or researcher will have at his personale disposal and free of charge:

1) a computer MAC always connected in internet symmetrical broadband,
2) a computer MAC always connected to the Local Area Network.
3) stampante
4) tutti i libri, riviste e software ritenuto necessarie dal suo tutor scientifico
5) tutto il materiale di consumo dell'ufficio

Per questo reparto il Tutor Scientifico è il professore assegnato dall'università.

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