It is forbidden to introduce inside the laboratories any personal belongings like:
computer, cellphones, cameras, USB-sticks, etc.

Studying and Laboratory hours :
8:30 - 13:00 and 14,30-19:30 from monday to friday
8:30 - 13:00 and 14,30-17:00 on saturday

Se vuoi Coglier la Rosa non Temere Lo Spino (Renzo Pezzani)

In the Laboratory the PhD student is always accompanied by a tutor,

to whom the responsability of the experiment is given.

1) Is is always allowed for a PhD student to attend any experiment being executed by Lintes personnel in the laboratory
and during the experiment he can ask questions but he cannot interfere on the direction of the experiment.

2) The PhD student may also set up a proper hypothesis for an experiment (with the Reactor) to be executed with the help of Lintes personnel
(which will anyway maintain the direction of the experiment).

3) The PhD student may use the characterisation instruments in the laboratory by himself.

4) In case the laboratory for any reason is not accessible (broken instruments, maintenance of the place, etc...)
nothing can be charged to Lintes.

5) An approximate division of medium weekly times of the laboratory (which can vary case by case) could be:
24 hours of study for the preparation of the experiment;
8 hours to make the experiment;
8 hours to elaborate the results of the experiment.
(The etymological meaning of experiment (from the Greek language) means TRYING, so it's not always a party!)

This is the method used by Lintes (see under STUDIO): First comes the STUDY (Theory is the principal), then comes the VERIFICATION.
But we always leave the door open for the good luck, which may allow us to discover another Nutella.

Per questo reparto il Tutor Tecnico è assegnato dalla Lintes

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