The Hall is the entrance to the laboratories.
1) There are lockers where the employees or the guests can leave their personal belongings (one key of this locker is given to the employee or the guest).
2) There is a bar-corner, with an automatic coffee-machine and fridge, where consumptions are free of charge.
3) For the guests of the Foresteria, breakfast is included.


Instrumentation in Saletta

To ensure a high quality of the videoconference,
the internet connection is broadband and symmetrical.

We can make a videoconference by Skype Group Video Calling,
with a group of up to 10 users.
Every user, which we will call, must have minimo version 5.0 of Skype.

The computer, the videocamera (which is covering also infrared wavelengths in order to be able to observe also the dark corners of machinery) and the headphones/microphones are all wireless in a way that the researcher can easily move around in the entire laboratory and his university-tutor or colleague-researcher can also follow the various experiments during execution.

This space can also be used for meetings between PhD students and/or researchers and for eventual visitors of the laboratory.

Access to specialized magazines like:
1) MRS (Materials Research Society)
2) Materials Today
3) Nòva (Il Sole 24 Ore)


The services of the Hall and Saletta are like the ones of the Foresteria

In these two places it is forbidden to smoke, but it is allowed
to bring personal cellphones, personal computers, etc.

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