Support XXIX Cycle

Support to the PhD school XXIX Cycle with University of Rome Tor Vergata:

Period: from 15-04-14 until 31-07-14
On 12-05-14 an intermediate evaluation of the project was made,
and because of the encouraging results obtained sofar,
we have extended the project period until 31-12-14.

We have started this second stage in collaboration
with Prof. Arnaldo D'Amico and Prof. Christian Falconi
of the Università degli Studi of Rome Tor Vergata,
as part of the XXIX Cycle of Dottorati di Ricerca in Ingegneria Elettronica.
For this project we are giving hospitality to a PhD student,
Nandeesh Kumar Kumaravelu,
who has a degree in Electronics and Comunication from Anna University, Chennai (Madras), India,
and obtained his Master in Electronics Engineering in JeJu National University, South Korea.

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