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X-code v.7.3 Libraries
1. Foundation.framework It is the base layer of Objective-C classes with OS independence to enhance portability
2. UIKit.framework It provides the window and view architecture needed to manage an app's user interface
3. QuartzCore.framework It contains the core animation interfaces for the application
4. CFNetwork.framework It contains the interfaces for accessing the network via Wi-Fi and cellular radios


225. WebKit.framework It provides support for integrating web content into the application

Core Plot v.2.1 Libraries
1. CorePlot.framework It is a plotting framework for iOS applications
2. libCorePlot-CocoaTouch.a 1.CPTAnimation.h It is used to animate the plotted space in coreplot
2.CPTAxis.h It is used to create and edit axis settings of the coreplot
3.CPTBarPlot.h It is used to create bar plot type graph in the coreplot
75.CPTXYPlotSpace.h It is used to create plotspace required for drawing the graph