Computer SW Applications CBS J-Link-ARM BT-CBS FW Applications


Software applications
Brand Application
on Mac
on Windows
11 rea Lintes Reattore v.2.15  
Bronkhorst   FlowDDE v.4.67
Bronkhorst   FlowPlot v.3.30
12 ott
Lintes Micro v.7.07  
Lintes AFM-Scan v.2.1
Lintes AFM-Vision v.2.1
Mathworks Matlab R2011b  
SONiX Technology   DinoCapture 2.0
Physik Instrumente   PIMikroMove v.
Vision Research   Phantom v.640
Perkin Elmer   Perkin Elmer per IR v.6.2.0
13 tga Perkin Elmer   Perkin Elmer per TGA

The above SW applications are already running on our research projects,
but we are able to develop new SW applications for your specific research projects upon request.