Model Brand Type Notes
11   Lintes Support Table  
12 TBS 01 Lintes Temperature Sensor With PT100 sensor, measures from -50°C to +500°C
13 Phoenix T20 RedShift Drying Oven
14 PV 300 Falc Instruments Ceramic Hotplate  
15   De Longhi Iron  
21     Support  
22   Falc Instruments Support  
23 Laser3000 FT Bunsen Burner  
31     Support Table  
32   Lintes Support for Stirrer Falc  
33 ATMD20 Falc Instruments Stirrer  
34 MST Basic YellowLine Heater-Stirrer  
35 TC1 YellowLine Thermometer  
36 X-tra 50 Elma Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit  


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